Update and Planning

Asif Ahmed

Today I’ll be updating you guys on my progress and explain my plans for future learning. My first post was exactly two weeks ago. In these two weeks I feel like I’ve learned the basics of hosting a blog on wordpress.com, the basics of jQuery, and some intro SQL commands. The most important part of this exercise is not necessarily how much I learn each day, but that I actually try to learn something each day. By focusing on just doing something each day, this builds the habit. I’ve overheard it takes 21 days to build a habit and I’m a week away! This week has been so-so on the learning front but since this was my first week at the job, it has been a rough week. I can definitely understand the feeling of not wanting to do anything after getting off of a long day of work. However this week has been good for me in terms of planning. I have a better idea of what I will be learning for the next few months. In October, I will try to assemble a portfolio of PHP applications. In November, I will try to do the same projects, but with using Ruby on Rails. Throughout these two months, if I get tired of PHP and Ruby on certain days, I will switch gears and attempt some Android or iOS development. PHP, Ruby on Rails, Android, and iOS will be 4 of the 5 big things I want to focus on. I feel like I have a good enough grasp of jQuery to be able to use it in projects now. The fifth thing that I want to focus on is actually working with the Arduino. The Arduino is a small microcontroller with powerful capabilities. I worked with a group in Spring of 2012 to build a Piano Professor. The biggest problem I have encountered in planning for my learning is coming up with ideas for projects. Coming up with the idea is the hardest part of building a success story. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and others were visionaries. We don’t just look up to them because they had technical skills, but because they were idea generators. I’ve tried to keep a notebook where I can jot down ideas that I think could be successful (like building a company successful) and where I can also write down ideas for project to build a portfolio.

If you guys have any suggestions for portfolio projects, let me know in the comments.