Remote Connection

Asif Ahmed

A lot of college students have run into the following scenario. Suppose you a regular high school senior who took care of tech support for your parents. Next year when you are in college and are 800 miles away from them, they call you with questions about their laptop and communication on the phone just isn’t going to cut it. It can extremely frustrating trying to solve their problems without being there.

Though I have graduated college, I just recently found a great solution to this problem. So next time I am away and my dad thinks there is hacker trying to break into his computer because Java is updating again, I can look at his problem and tell him Java is just annoying like that. This solution can be found at Teamviewer. Teamviewer allows you to use your mouse and keyboard as if you were actually there. The best thing about this solution is that this is cross platform compatible. You would have to download the software on the computers you want to be able to view remotely and then you could either install the software on your computer as well or just use a web based application to access the other computers remotely. Another great thing is that you can remotely restart the computer as well.

There are plenty of other solutions to the problem of remotely connecting to other computers and you can read more about these solutions in this Lifehacker article.