Links for Learning

Asif Ahmed

I’ll be trying to post every few weekends (no promises) a few links that I think are helpful for web development. Let’s look at some links I thought were pretty awesome. I’ll try to highlight what’s really good about each link.

This link has some useful CSS / JS snippets, but the first snippet is really helpful for responsive sites. Check it out here –

Here’s a Github link to the best Javascript practice

Here are some good tools to use if you are developing on a Mac. I would personally suggest Sublime. I just downloaded Alfred today. Here is the link –

Here are some more useful snippets. But this time they focus more on HTML5 snippet –

This is useful is you deal with coding HTML emails and want an easier approach (if you are a designer, non-dev type) person. Check it out here –

Here is a more thorough explanation of why using Heroku is a good idea – I actually really think using Heroku for early dev is a great idea. Again Heroku pops up in this article about favorite dev tools for developers –

I think my favorite link from last week is this dev tool box that someone made. It has a lot of nice tools that I definitely could see myself using. Kudos to this guy –

Anyways take a look at these links and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll follow up with new links hopefully next week.