jQuery Basics Part VI

Asif Ahmed

Welcome to the last post about jQuery Basics. Today, I’ll be covering Videos 13-15 of the jQuery video series. We will cover asynchronous form transmission, adding other jQuery plugins, and more about switching CSS styles.

In Video 13 we explore asynchronous form submission. We have a form and after we submit to it, we will have a success message pop up on the page at the bottom. A lot of this video involves PHP, which handles the form.

url: 'submit_to_db.php',
type: 'POST',
data: 'name=' + name + '&email=' + email + '&comments=' + comments,
success: function(result) {
$('#container').append('<p id="response">' + result + '</p>');

This code defines the AJAX function. It defines what URL we will submit our data to, what method of submission we are using (POST vs GET), and what we should do on a successful transmission. If you create a website that uses form transmission, you will probably using a variation of this code snippet.

Video 14 is a little hard to explain without visuals, but basically it teaches us how to create a sort of slideshow with different images using a third party plugin. An example can be viewed here of the functionality.

Video 15 comes in two parts. The first part focuses on mostly CSS and PHP and the second actually covers some jQuery. This video basically teaches you how to create a website that will have different style sheets depending on whether it is night or day.

Overall I would say the video series is a good way to learn the basics of jQuery. However the creator makes a lot of mistakes while making his videos. This can get a little annoying towards the end of the series, but still I would recommend this video series to beginners.