iOS Apps – AirportParkingReservations and ScoutAtlas

Asif Ahmed

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been working hard on a couple iOS applications and getting them on the Appstore. Below I’ll highlight the apps and also very briefly highlight what resources I used to build the applications.

I started learning how to make iOS applications at the beginning of January 2014.

Initially I was using videos off of CodeSchool to learn iOS development. I quickly learned, however, that these courses were a bit too simplistic and were not very good for beginners. I then decided to focus on the Stanford iOS 7 course that I’ve heard a lot about from several sources. The iOS Stanford course can be found at iTunes U or this link. Additional course material, such as the syllabus and the sample project code can found on the Stanford course website. This course walks you through best practices and through several coding examples. It also tries to tell you how to do things from a computer science perspective, rather than just getting the code to work perspective. Best practices are important to learn hand-in-hand with learning the actual framework.

After I finished the Stanford iOS 7 course, I began to just start coding an app. The best way to learn how to create an iPhone is by actually creating an iPhone app from scratch. It’s good to take a course to learn what you can do with a framework and what is possible with iOS, but you will have to get down to development if you actually want to become an iOS developer. The concept seems remarkably obvious, but can often be lost. Knowledge must be tempered with experience. I decided to make an app that would help you remember your parking location. When you open the app, you could press a button and it would mark your current location. Then you go to your event and later on you would open up the app again to figure out where you parked. It would also tell you how to get there and how long it would take. This is a remarkably simple app but it was great for learning how to work with many of the iOS 7 APIs. This app also relied heavily on Mapkit so I got some good experience with that. The application was called ScoutAtlas and you can check it out with the links below.


During this course I was heavily using Google, Stackoverflow, and the Apple documentation to figure out how to actually make the product work. Near the end of the app I looked at some Udemy videos as well. There was a great iOS 7 course on sale with 400 videos and many examples. The course can be found here.

After I was done with this app and worked through the process of actually pushing the app to the Appstore (more complicated than it sounds), I started working on the official app for (the company I currently work at). This app was heavily API based so I had to review frameworks such as AFNetworking. Finally a couple weeks ago I was able to finish this app. The app is create for finding cheap airport parking in a user friendly way. We even created a video for it! Check out the video and the app below! – Find the Best Lots with the Best Deals at Your Convenience

In the next couple months, I should have more posts about actual coding tutorials for iOS. Stay tuned!

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