Installing WordPress on localhost

Asif Ahmed

Today we will be going over how to install WordPress on your localhost. The reason we would want to install WordPress on a localhost is so we can see functionality and catch errors before transferring our site over to a production server. Interestingly enough our post about how to install WordPress, will be hosted on this WordPress site. This post is specifically meant for a Windows machine.

  • The first step is for the local machine to have a server running. This can be done by downloading and installing XAMPP. Once you have a this installed, launch the XAMPP control panel and start Apache and MySQL.
  • Then download WordPress from here. Then extract this file into the htdocs folder of where you installed XAMPP. This path should C:xampphtdocs.
  • Once you have extracted it, we need to create a database for WordPress. This can be done by go to localhost/phpmyadmin and clicking on “Databases” and creating a database called “wordpress” with the default settings.
  • Afterwards, we want to go localhost/wordpress and we should see an image similar to this:
  • Go ahead and click on “Create a Configuration File” and then on the next screen click “Let’s Go”
  • On the next screen fill out the settings like below. When setting up the MySQL user, I am assuming that you didn’t set a password for “root”. Once you a ready click “Submit”.
  • Click “Run the Install” and on the next screen fill out the information for “Site Title”, “Username”, and “Password”
  • Once you have signed in, you should see a huge banner saying “Welcome to your new WordPress site!”

Congrats on installing WordPress on your localhost!