How Bad Do You Want It?

Asif Ahmed

One of the main reasons I created this blog was to hold myself accountable. Not only did I want to keep track of what I learned, but I also wanted to find a way to motivate myself to learn everyday and feel guilty whenever I skipped a day. I wanted to make sure that I never skipped a day and learned constantly. Today I watched a couple motivational videos that I hope will push me to continue learning and also to improve other aspects of my life.

Part One of “How Bad Do You Want It?” can be found here on Youtube. I think the biggest takeaway from this video is the quote, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”. Most of us say we want success, but we don’t take the steps to actually attain it. We have lofty goals, but the reason we fall short of reaching those goals is because we don’t really want them; we just say we do. Think about all the failed New Years Resolutions that we make. Think about all those times when we say we will work harder and when we plan carefully so we can learn a new language or complete a project. We might even be able to get started on the path to success, but almost always we will fall short. Planning and thinking and talking mean nothing without the passion and dedication it takes to constantly push ourselves towards success. This is probably one of the biggest problems with a lot of people in society. They think that most people either achieved success because they worked hard for a little bit or were talented. The truth is that to reach the top, you need to work hard ALL THE TIME and always follow through with your plans. Michael Jordan delivers some of the best quotes on hard work.

“Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.”
― Michael Jordan

Part Two is here. The best quote from this is, “It’s about no days off, no weekends, no holidays, no workdays. No days off, no half days, no holidays, no snow days, its about getting the competitive edge.” That is the kind of mindset we need to success. We don’t take days off from going on Facebook, screwing around on Reddit, or completely wasting time some other way. Why should we take days off when it comes to striving for success? We have to make working hard a habit. In one of Michael Phelps’s interviews, he mentioned, “I went five straight years without ever missing a workout. Every single day, 365 days a year.” Imagine that dedication to success. It’s hard for me to stick with a plan for more than a week and I’m sure other people feel the same way. My goal is to post daily in this blog for at least a year. I want to get some non-work related programming practice everyday. I want to learn something new everyday. And hopefully, by keeping myself accountable and remembering the hard work success takes, I can achieve that goal.