Happy Programming Day

Asif Ahmed

Today is the official Programmer’s Day. This day is always on the 256th day of every year. This usually falls on September 12th during a leap year, and on September 13th otherwise. The astute reader will realize that the image for this post was 11111111 which represents 255 in binary. However because we start at 00000000, this makes 11111111 the 256th value. A better explanation can be gotten here. Also for more information about this day please look at the Wikipedia page.

In celebration of this day if you want to get some practice with your programming I will tell you about two good sites for getting beginning and intermediate practice. A good website for a super beginner to get practice is to go to a site called Code Academy. It has many short lesson plans to help you learn Javascript, some HTML/CSS, some jQuery, and recently Python. Javascript is their bread and butter however. Project Euler is a great way for anyone with some understanding of a programming language to get better at it, while also improving their problem solving skills. On Project Euler you can use any programming language. There is a list of 400 problems and most of the problems are math based. The easiest problem is “Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000.” The harder problems can get fairly mathematically intense like this. Project Euler can get a little bit addicting once you get the thrill of solving problem after problem. I dabbled on the website while using Python to solve about 30 problems during July. I think it is a good way for someone who knows the basics of a language to get better at their problem solving ability with that language.