Google Keep

Asif Ahmed

There are tons of note taking apps out on the web right now. If you want you could take notes on Apple’s native app, Evernote, Google Drive, in a text file in Dropbox, ¬†on Microsoft’s OneNote. My favorite “app” to take notes is the old fashion “pen and paper”, but my preferred virtual app is Evernote and I have a bunch of notes already saved on it. Yesterday, however, Google released a new note taking app called Google Keep. This app is on the Google Play Store (for free) and also has been (0r will be) incorporated into Google Drive. So it has a web and mobile interface. At first glance, this note taking app seems fairly minimalistic…and it definitely is. You can add a note of plain text (no formatting options), a task list, a voice memo (Google will try to transcribe your voice), and a picture. You can change the color of a note and you can run a keyword search to find what you are looking for in your notes. Those last couple sentences effectively describe all the functionality of Google Keep.

So if that is all Google Keep can do, why would anyone use it? One – this is Google, and we can suspect that this is just the first version of this app. Hey, Android wasn’t all that powerful when it first came along either. Two – the design is really nice and straightforward. Google has really stepped up their design game over the last couple months. Three – this app is really fast. This is the main reason you should use this app. I had Google Keep open on my phone and my laptop. As I typed a note of my laptop, it appeared on my phone right away! Also, because Keep doesn’t have all the fancy text formatting options, the user interface is actually quicker to use than Evernote. Basically you pull out your phone and take notes quickly, without being bogged down with extra options.

Though I think Google Keep is pretty awesome, I still do love Evernote. I think Evernote is better for keeping track of lists and other sorts of data, but Google Keep wins hands down for jotting down a quick note.