First Mac

Asif Ahmed

I got a Macbook Air today! Dealing with this new computer has been an incredible learning opportunity.

I’ve grown up on Windows and think it is great for most everyday tasks. I’ve used Linux mostly for code related stuff and think that its great for programming. I’ve always been resistant to buying Apple because it is expensive and because I think Apple can be a nefarious company. However, I think developing for iPhone will come handy in the future and you can only develop for that on a Mac. It had been frustrating in interviews when that was the reason I didn’t learn iPhone development. Well now that I have a Mac its only a matter of time until I learn iPhone development (I will probably learn it around Christmas). Plus it also feels like every web development tutorial I’ve watched recently has been made on a Mac. It’s been my experience that setting up the proper environment for programming on Windows can be a real pain at times. These previous reasons for my buying a Mac are just great excuses however. All I really wanted was a new shiny sexy computer.

I’ll be talking about the pros and cons that I’ve come across today. I’ll cover the cons first. One of the things that bothers me about this Mac is the keyboard. There is only a “delete” key. There is no “delete” and “backspace”. What if I want to delete in two directions at once? Also it seems like I will be having to relearn my finger placement for shortcuts. Sometimes you need to use the Apple key, sometimes you need to use Control, and sometimes you need to use Alt. It would be easier if I could just replace the Apple key with the Control key for shortcuts. This would especially help me with copy/cut/paste and Chrome shortcuts. One other thing that bothers me a lot is how if you click an X for a program it doesn’t actually close it. It more kind of minimizes it. Most programs on Windows were really good about closing the program when you click an X (except for Skype!). The last thing that bothers me is that Apple just doesn’t understand what maximize means. If you click on the green maximize button it just makes it bigger slightly and doesn’t let it grow to its full potential.

The one thing I absolutely love about this Mac is the GESTURES. Four fingers right brings up a new desktop space. Four fingers up shows me all the windows I have. Two fingers can scroll. Two fingers is a kind of right click also. You can pinch to zoom and rotate a picture with gestures. What a time to be alive. The second best thing of a Mac is the terminal. The terminal comes especially useful when programming and makes the Mac more Linux like. The best thing about the Macbook Air is definitely the body however. It’s thin, it’s metallic, and it’s shiny. It just feels good in your hands.

I still have to download most the software for the Mac. All I’ve downloaded so far is Dropbox and Git. I’ll be having a post about Git tomorrow so stay tuned.