Asif Ahmed

Bootstrap is a tool that helps you in making websites. It was developed at Twitter by some of their employees and is a popular framework for rapid web development. Bootstrap is a front end framework, that makes a front end developer’s life much easier. It helps with creating beautiful responsive layouts with its grid system. It has some helpful Javascript components as well. Basically, this framework does a lot of heavy lifting for you. Creating responsive layout websites if you are coding from scratch can be a major pain.

If you want more information, you can read more about the framework here. They just recently changed from Version 2.3.2 on their website to the Release Candidate for Version 3. If you are starting a new website that focuses on mobile, and allows you to ignore IE7 then definitely use Bootstrap 3. To read more about the release check out their blog.

Other than creating a responsive layout, here are a few things I really like about Bootstrap. I like their colorful button styles. They also have a lot of CSS components built in. However, my favorite part of the framework (because I am mostly a server side / Javascript developer) are the Javascript components. In Version 3 they removed the predictive search text field (this is great for many client demands), they kept pretty much every other component. The tooltip component is really helpful at times. I think the most used Javascript component is actually the carousel for images. This is used in many sites nowadays and there are MANY ways to implement the image sliding carousel. You can preview how easy it is with Bootstrap here.

The other main thing that they removed from the Bootstrap core is their Glyphicons. Basically these Glyphicons are just small icons that you can easily embed pretty much wherever you want. Also, creating icons can be a difficult task, especially if you have no graphics skills. The glyphicons are available in a separate project found here though.

If you are ready to create responsive websites, and want to create them as easily as possible, be sure to check Bootstrap out. Leave comments with your thoughts!